We love teaching people about how to use their new sites and services effectively.

But most people want to know a few things before we get to that point.

What does it cost?

This is determined by the scale of the job. Usually dependent on predicted time for each customers project and also considerate of any steep deadlines. For typical web-work we ask for $60 an hour, but as professional nerds... that's a VERY effective hour. And if your needs require something we aren't exactly Pros at... we will get the job done using "discovery" time which is billed at half price!

Why you over some other web guys?

We have together about 20 years of experience cleaning up after the cheap, fast, and greedy "web developers". Most web designers build websites, few know how to put a broken one back together or use a website to achieve a goal. Similar parallels echo thru all the services we offer.

Do you guarantee your work?

Of course! We do everything right, back everything up, and we aren't going away. If you need a nerd, we've got your back.